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Squirrel wall sticker, Fine Forest

Lifelike murals,
down to the last dot

Graphic designers William Mooijman and Sophie Mittelberg create natural, transparant wall stickers with their label ‘Fine Forest’. Hours of illustrating go into the detailed dotwork, a lifelike illustration as a result. Their flora and fauna illustrations are drawn by hand with different thickness of fineliners.

Lifelike wall stickers,
each illustration consists of thousands of dots

Fine Forest is a brand created by Studio Mooijman and Mittelberg, a graphic design agency that focuses on visual identities, printed matter, illustrations as well as websites.
The studio is founded by William Mooijman and Sophie Mittelberg and is located in the center of The Hague. It is important for William and Sophie to translate the love for nature in an animal-friendly way. “With our illustrations you can enjoy your favourite animal every day also with respect for nature.”

The stippling technique is also an important aspect for the duo: each illustration consists of thousands of dots, which are stippled with three different thicknesses of fineliner. A time consuming job with ultimately a detailed result, in which every detail has been worked out “down to the last dot”.

The transparent wall stickers blend in beautifully with your interior and can be therefore placed in various spots. The stickers are made of a matt and transparent material, as a result it creates the illusion that a piece of nature is really illustrated on your wall. You can let a squirrel appear between your bookshelves, or for example make a red fox appear from behind a chair.
The lifelike wall stickers are available in our webshop from extra small to extra large. The first collection consists of 10 animals that can be found in Europe. At this moment we are expending our collection with new, more exotic animal species.

Do you have a question about our products, or are you a company interested in a custom illustration? Then please send an email to

Deer wall sticker, Fine Forest
detail Fine Forest illustratie spreeuw
Little owl wall sticker, Fine Forest
William Mooijman en Sophie Mittelberg, Studio Mooijman en Mittelberg
detail Fine Forest illustratie koffieplant

Our core values

Ode to nature

We want to share our passion for flora & fauna through our natural illustrations. Wild animals often keep a safe distance, just out of sight and therefore almost impossible to find. The wall stickers from Fine Forest offer an easy plus animal friendly way to enjoy your favourite animal every day.

A small work of art

Each design is illustrated with great care and gives nature lovers the chance to buy an affordable piece of art. Spice up your interior with a hand drawn detail. Fine Forest loves black and white illustrations, for this reason the natural designs fit into any interior.

Have fun applying!

Get creative with our stickers at home. Discover surprising and original spots to apply the designs and bring the outdoors, indoors! Our wall stickers are perfect to decorate white walls without the use of paint or wallpaper.

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