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Rainbow suncatcher


The wall sticker wood mouse is a real eye-catcher for your door or baseboard! The illustration is hand-drawn and lifelike. The transparent sticker material makes it seem as if the wood mouse is illustrated on the wall.

The wood mouse, despite its name suggests, can be found in forests as well as in orchards, parks and gardens. They dig tunnels up to 50 cm underground with their teeth and front legs. These tunnels lead to storage rooms where food is stored and the nests where the young sleep.
Place this cute wood mouse in an spot of choice for a playful element in your interior. The wall sticker is easy to apply and reposition.

Dimension: 7,5 x 6 cm
Illustration: Hand-drawn fineliner print
Wall sticker: 150µm transparent polymer
Placement: Our wall stickers look best on white, smooth surfaces with natural light. Avoid walls with coarse textures.


Use this rainbow suncatcher to create the most beautiful shades of color in your interior. Fill the living room, nursery or car with rainbows on a sunny day! Simply place the rainbow maker in a place where a lot of direct sunlight shines in, and fill the room with cheerful colors. The window sticker is reusable and can therefore easily be applied in different places on the window for the best result. Experiment with different spots on your windows and find the best result with your own rainbow suncatcher!

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  1. Clean the window/glass and apply a thin layer of water
  2. Peel the decal and place the static electricity side on the glass
  3. Be sure to place your window sticker in direct sunlight
  4. Use a credit card or cloth to gently squeegee out any air bubbles and water
  5. Experiment with different spots for the best result!

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